Development Class

Alipay / Baidu / WeChat applet development

Small program development scheme

Small program development and production

Small program development, design and operation

Development of wechat applet customization

Enterprise website development / customization / construction

Responsive website development

Construction and development of enterprise website

Customized development of mobile website

Four stations in one network coverage

Apple / Android Application Customization Development

Mobile application customization development

Application development scheme design

Application of operation and customer development skills

Application source generation development, source code delivery

Why Choose us
  • Internet of things solutions
    Extensive and in-depth Internet of things services, continuous remote monitoring, and integration of data management and rich analysis
  • Supply chain solutions
    Help enterprises manage the complex and demand driven market in the future, so as to establish a supply chain network for the future
  • Big data solutions
    To meet the needs of enterprise data management, help enterprises quickly use data for precision marketing, and improve the marketing effect.
  • Virtual currency solutions
    Help enterprises to solve the loopholes in virtual currency technology in the future, and make corresponding repairs to the security loopholes.
Service process