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Design and development of the whole project & technical service support

Website customization development

As the carrier and marketing tool of enterprise Internet brand, the foundation of website is stable

Determine the sustainable development of enterprise network. Fractal, with its original operation system, is based on the enterprise's own brand strategy and marketing objectives, combined with the front-end technology of the Internet

Tailor the best matching website construction solution to meet the sustainable development of different enterprises' network brands

Our services

Service for all users

  • Creative design
    Designers refer to the guidance of customers to design unique style, layout, color, style, etc
  • Professional site construction
    Professionals use code to completely restore design drawings, from style to function to fully meet customer needs
  • Function overlay
    On the basis of ordinary official website, add more functions suitable for marketing to meet the marketing plan of users

5 steps on the road of building a station

  • 01
    Step1. Demand communication
  • 02
    Step2. Interactive design
  • 03
    Step3. Program building
  • 04
    Step4. Website test
  • 05
    Step5. Project launch