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WeChat / Alipay small program big future
  • Flow dividend

    The applet is at hand with WeChat 1 billion users, and the 23 million WeChat official account is the first to launch the online small program to seize the dividend.

  • No download required

    The app can be opened by scanning or searching, which is convenient and quick.

  • Go when you run out

    Don't worry about installing too many apps. Applets are available at any time and don't need to be uninstalled.

  • Brand promotion

    Subvert the traditional application mode, achieve the lightest, fastest and best user experience on wechat, and achieve efficient brand promotion.

Direct attack on enterprise pain point
Applet came into being
What can [applets] do?

Relying on China's large platform

Applets open to users

1000000000 users

Make enterprise marketing easy

  • Go when you run out

    Users don't need to worry about whether to install too many apps. Applets are available at any time without installation and uninstallation

  • Rich functions

    Rich functions can realize positioning, voice, video, IM chat, gravity sensing, navigation and other functions similar to the native app

  • Within reach

    The applet does not need to be downloaded and installed. Users can scan or search it to open it

  • Open user system

    The app does not need to log in, but directly uses the wechat account system, which reduces the user's threshold for use and facilitates the user's information collection

  • Share bonus

    The small program can be easily shared to wechat personal and group chat windows, and can be used as soon as you click in reply, which is very convenient for communication

  • Connect online and offline

    The important entrance of the applet is to scan the QR code. Offline users only need to scan the code simply to convert to applet users

Advantages of applet development
Applet development process
  • 01
    Register applet
  • 02
    Make applet
  • 03
    Upload for review
  • 04
    Approved, applets Online
Our core strengths
  • Reliable
    Founded in 2016, the company has many years of development experience and focuses on the production of global Internet demand
  • Major
    Small program development service provider, Tencent wechat professional partner
  • Absorbed
    Focus on HTML5, applets, APP technology research for many years, with senior technical team support
  • Powerful
    Powerful and easy-to-use products, template + customized development, convenient and practical, life-long upgrade
  • Service
    Perfect after-sale service, 7 × 24-hour manual online service, guarantee no worries after-sale