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  • 2016 Creation time
  • 40 Number of employees +
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RICE Software ---白米软件
Based on Chengdu, we focus on providing customized software development services

Sichuan Baimi Software Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baimi software) is a software and hardware intelligent application technology service provider, invested and held by Sichuan chuangbai Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

Based on Chengdu, one of the major software industry bases in China, the company has continuously innovated the advantages of science and technology, serving the world.

Baimi software is committed to providing the government, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs with one-stop application solutions of system integration, web application, APP customization development, small program customization development, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, AI Artificial Intelligence and other software and hardware application solutions, and has provided customized services for more than 1000 enterprises.

What can we do ?

  • Internet of things solutions
    Extensive and in-depth IOT services, continuous remote monitoring, data management and rich analysis integration
  • Supply chain solutions
    To help enterprises manage the complex and demand driven market in the future, so as to establish the supply chain network for the future
  • Big data solutions
    To meet the needs of enterprise data management, help enterprises quickly use data for precision marketing, and improve the marketing effect.
  • Virtual currency solution
    Help enterprises to solve the future virtual currency technology loopholes, and to make the corresponding repair of security vulnerabilities.

Core team

With more than 5 years of professional experience from 80 and 90 elite teams, we have many experts with unique views and foresight in many fields. We can provide you with professional services and overall industry solutions by combining industry experience and knowledge to enable market insight and strategy implementation.

corporate culture

  • Our values
    Ensure the business value of customers through strict quality standards and delivery process
  • Our mission
    Fast, efficient and high-quality cloud software developers to make customers and employees satisfied with the company
  • Our vision
    Based on Chengdu and radiating Southwest China, it will become the first brand of software development and service in China

contact us

Sichuan Rice Software Sales Co., Ltd
Office address: No. 912 and 914, W3 District, global center, No. 1700, north section of Tianfu Avenue, high tech Zone, Chengdu
Customer service hotline: +86.400-028-0959
Tel: +86.028-85222210
Email address: biz@bm.sc.cn
Tech Tel: 135-4029-5237 email: xuqiang-chengdu@bm.sc.cn